SMPS adopts new cursive font for handwriting

From Primary 1 up to Primary 7, the children at South Morningside Primary will be taught to use a cursive script in their handwriting. The current Primary 7 will not adopt this new script. Children will be involved in frequent handwriting practice to ensure that a fluent script develops. It is important to get the teaching of handwriting right because, once children can form letters and words automatically, they are freed up to focus on and develop higher order composing skills.
There are no changes to capital letters.

The reasons for using a cursive script are to:

* Encourage a left-right progression, both of letters and words

* Avoid directional difficulties

* Eliminate uncertainty over where to start the different letters

* Develop automatic joining and eliminate uncertainty about whether to join letters

* Increase the child’s confidence by joining the lower case letters

* Avoid confusion of the ‘ball and stick’ letter (b, d, p and q)

* Encourage correct placement and sizing of letters

* Try to eliminate the use of capitals in words

* Help layout and reduce spacing problems between words

* Develop a flowing swift style that improves the speed of writing

* Support sequencing difficulties as the flow of sound into shape allows children to make hand movements that are more natural to them

* Establish joins early on so that children are quickly writing full letter strings

* Encourage children to write digraphs as one unit of sound

* Help children’s hands develop a physical memory for words

* Encourage the writing of irregular words to become an automatic response

* Develop a flowing, reasonable swift style of handwriting and reduce the amount of time taken

Initially, there may be some difficulty linking the visual image which the child sees on notice boards and in books to that which he has to write. This will be overcome through practice, regular exposure to both types of print in class and the teacher modelling cursive script.

Useful links:

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