MSP Jim Eadie visits SMPS

By Deeksha, Marina, Orla, Daniel, Jacob and Murray.

On Friday, the 25th of September, our local MSP, Mr Jim Eadie, came to talk to the P7s of this school.

“We enjoyed asking him questions, which he answered intelligently and we think his visit has really enlightened us to an MSP’s daily work in the Scottish Parliament.”

“We were all inspired by his love for helping people. I really loved his visit.”

Jim Eadie is an MSP who is in the Scottish National Party, also known as the SNP. All the P7s came into P7B’s classroom to listen to him.

It was more of a question and answer session, and he answered all of our questions with a truthful answer and told us lots of information that we didn’t know. The topic ranged from nuclear weapons to rooms in the parliament. He explained more about the style of the building and the architect who built it. He told us his tips on how to become an MSP. Many people were very pleased by this as they wanted to become MSPs one day. The array of questions even covered what his favourite subjects at school were and what hours he worked.

Mr Eadie shared all his views with us and didn’t mind if we didn’t agree. He doesn’t believe in weapons and he cares more about health and wellbeing.

“We asked him many questions and he gave answers to all of them – even though some of them were quite personal!”

When asked what he would have voted in the referendum, Mr Eadie was very balanced with his answers because he was wanting independence for Scotland but he also said that he could see the debate from both sides. He had respect for those who disagreed with him, but always gave his own opinion.

Mr Eadie managed to answer everyone’s questions. The P7s loved listening to him and thanked him warmly!

After he was finished, Mr Eadie came down and watched our assembly and then he went back to his constituency.

“I’m sure every p7 loved his talk and I loved it more than anyone else!”