P2 Craigmillar Castle Visit

Primary 2 children have been visiting Craigmillar Castle as part of their ‘Scottish Castles ‘ topic.

Once used by Mary  queen of Scots,  the castle now is mostly deserted – but came to life again for our lucky P2s thanks to P7 Junior Guides from Castleview Primary School, who train in P6 and then become guides for school groups when they get to P7. The guides have loads of lines to remember and dress up in costume to act out being Lord & Lady Preston, lady in waiting, steward, maids, cooks, servants etc.
The highlight was playing a version of ‘corners’ where the Lord would shout out activities/jobs from the castle and the children had to run about the Great Hall to the right area/do the right action (entertain me, spit-turning, feasting, greet your lord etc).
P2B shared these photos of their day at the castle:



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