SJM Performance Holiday Camps

South Morningside Primary School & Nursery

At South Morningside we are extremely lucky and proud to have the talented and charismatic Stephen J Martin run the SMSC – The South Morningside Stage Club, who put on shows enjoyed by the whole school community every spring.

Hundreds of P5-7 SMPS children have benefited hugely from working with Stephen over the years and now there is a chance for all ages to participate in a holiday performance workshop that is sure to be filled with chances to enjoy and enhance their performance skills, supported by great teachers – singing, dancing and acting, and most of all be full of  positive, healthy and creative FUN!

More information, including contact details, can be found by clicking on the images below, and on the SJM website

Brochure 1Brochure 2

Brochure 3Brochure 4

The Wiz Some of the cast members from the SMSC hit show “The Pure Wicked Wizard of Ed” (2015), written and directed by Stephen J Martin.

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