Goodbye P7

Thursday, the 30th of June, was an emotional day for P7 pupils, staff and families.

As the ‘real bell’ in the bell tower rung the end of the school session 2015-16, our young people came out of school for the last time as primary school children.

Now a tradition at South Morningside, staff had lined the entrance hall to clap them out, and the beautiful sounds of the bag pipes played expertly by Angus (P6A) were a touching fairwell.

Earlier that morning, the P7 families participated in the ‘Leavers Event’ which begun with all P7s singing their own version of the popular hit song ‘Seven Years’ adapted by Hannah (P7B). The leavers then received certificates and JASS awards. Mrs Morgan spoke to the children about the challenges that lie ahead and how they can use the skills which they had used while working on their ‘Make £5 Grow’ projects: Hard work ; Team work;  Taking in feedback and adjusting accordingly, and finally making a difference for others.

Below is an excerpt from the song as performed at the final rehearsal.