P3’s Perfect Pirate Party

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Please scroll down and Avast Ye some of the photos from the fantastic Pirate Party that P3 had last week – and read some of the lasses’ and lad’s accounts of the fun!

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P3 Pirate Party / By Charis, P3C

It was Wednesday the 26th of October. I was excited because it was the P3 Pirate Party. There were three groups. You were either in the red, green or blue group. I was in the blue group. My first station was the food. It was in room 4. There were Peg legs and just on my right I saw shark’s teeth (they looked quite yummy). The next station was the games. My favourite game was ‘Port and Starboard’ because I won.

At last we had a treasure hunt, it was in room 11. We had five clues to solve. At the end we find the treasure, it was chocolate coins. At the very end we went to room 4 again to watch a movie called ‘The Muppet Treasure Island’. I liked it a lot.

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Pirate Party / By Andy, P3C

I was in the blue group so I first went to room 4 for the food. There was oranges for pirate ships, popcorn for cannon balls, cheese for sharks teeth and chocolate fingers for peg legs. The drinks were: Red Blood (red water) and Pirate Poison (green and blue water). Next I went to the lower hall for the games we played ‘Port and Starboard’ and ‘Musical Islands’. Finally I did the treasure hunt. There was five clues we had to solve. The treasure was chocolate coins. Afterwards we met up and watched “Pirate Treasure Island”. The party was on Wednesday 26th October. It was for P3 at SMPS because of the end of our topic on Robert Louis Stevenson.

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P3’s pirate party – only P threes are allowed

Yesterday it was a pirate party.  It was for all the P3s. We had our party because it was to do with Robert Louis Stevenson.
I was in the Green group, my friends were also in the green group. First we went down to the lower hall then we played some pirate games like Musical islands and we also played port and starboard. After that we went to room 11  and we had a quiz. It was about how a treasure chest was buried in my school. The treasure was in a big crate in room 11. Then we went to room 4 to have some food. It was orange ships and cannon balls. The cannon balls were made out of popcorn.
Then after that we watched Muppet Treasure Island it was good. Then we went up to our room and at the end of the party we got party bags then it was home time.