P6 Science topic

As the P6 year group delve into the fascinating subject of the Human Body, it’s system and operation, as part of their ‘Living and Growing’ topic, they have been very lucky to have some visiting guests  – some of the year group parents with day jobs in the medical profession have come to share their knowledge.

To enhance their learning of the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems, Trisha Watt had a special session with each class for the children to learn and practice CPR. They also trained in putting people in the Recovery Position and practised with CPR dummies.

This afternoon they are in for another treat as Dr T C Sandeep explores the remarkable secrets of the Human Brain.

Afternoon update:

What a fascinating talk about the nervous system,  and even before he actually said it, we realised this must be the most challenging audience Dr Sandeep has ever had,  as every one of the 99 kids had at least three questions following the talk. We all learned so much, now for s good nights sleep so that our brain can turn our new knowledge into long term memories.

One of the highlights of the talk was

“A really cool experiment to show how important it is that the brain is protected by fluid in the skull. We put an egg in one jar and shook it, and it broke, but an egg in fluid in another jar didn’t break even when shaken.”