Welcome back P2A!

We were very excited to see the class back yesterday after a lovely holiday. We can’t believe how grown up everyone is looking!

We jumped straight back into our ‘normal’ school routine with today’s learning:

  • French – ‘Lotto’ (Bingo using French numbers to 20).
  • Scottish Country Dancing – As part of our new topic this term ‘Life in a Scottish Castle’.
  • Numeracy – Revision of our known number facts
  • Literacy – Writing and reading Trick Words (Hangman, Wordsearch, Spelling Flowers and Magnetic Boards)
  • Outdoor Learning – Dominioes, What tricky word am I?, free play and French numbers (star jumps depending on what French number was pulled out the bag). It was VERY windy, so after a while we had to take our outdoor learning inside as everything kept blowing away!

We are very excited about all our learning this term!