Reading Challenge Launched Today!

At a special assembly this afternoon we are launching the “First Minister’s Reading Challenge” at South Morningside. It’s all about reading for pleasure, whether at home or at school. Because we are currently in the midst of our ‘Scottish whole school topic’ weeks, Mr Urquhart is going to open the assembly with a reading from ‘Geordie’s Mingin Medicine’ (which is, of course, the Scots translation of “George’s Marvellous Medicine” by Roald Dahl).

Image result for roald dahl geordie

Watch this space for independent and family tasks to encourage ‘reading for pleasure’ in the near future. Meanwhile you can learn more about the First Minister’s Reading Challenge on the Scottish Book Trust’s website, which features a film starring some of our own lovely SMPS children, taken during a special visit to the Book Festival described in our blog back in August.

More about the importance of ‘Reading for Pleasure’ can be found here.