P6 Scientists at Work

Superb Scientists Wendy and Richard of ‘Generation Science‘ transformed room 21 into an ‘Exploratory Laboratory’ today, for the benefit of all the P6s who got busy running exciting (and some times explosive!) chemical reactions galore.

The P6s were set a task, first to learn how to use indicators and a pH scale to determine whether a substance was acidic, alkaline or neutral, and then to use their knowledge and expertise to find the chemical reaction which would produce the fizziest, most colour changing and amazing outcome. As you can imagine, it was a wonderful success!

‘Generation Science’ is brought to SMPS through the genrous support of the SMPC.

“Our Generation Science teachers helped us learn how to answer questions in a scientific way, how to ask questions and make hypothesis which we had to test”

“We got to be really sciency!”