Staffing and Classes for 2017-18

Below are the classes for session 2017-18.  Miss Cara Gordon and Miss Emma Henderson will be leaving SMPS at the end of this term to take up posts at Trinity Primary School.

Class Teacher
Nursery Miss Williams / Miss Morren
P1B Mrs Lambie
P1H Ms Leiper
P1P Miss Morren  / Miss Williams
P1C Mrs Hemingway
P2A Miss Davidson
P2B Miss Bloomer

Mrs Rae (Thurs)

P2C Mrs Morrison


Miss Morrison

Ms Macdonald (Mon -Wed)

Mrs Moore (Thurs, Fri)

P3B Mrs Closs
P3C Mrs Phillips (Mon, Tues)

Mrs Miller (Wed – Fri)

P4A Mrs Ward (Mon – Wed)

Mrs Moss (Thurs, Fri)

P4B Miss Bourke
P4C Mrs Ferguson
P5A Mrs Dargo (Mon, Tues, alt Fri)

Mrs Harrison (Wed, Thurs, alt Fri)

P5B Mrs Murray
P5C Mr Wilson
P6A Mrs Bovaird (Mon, Tues)

Ms Gould (Wed – Fri)

P6B Mrs Watson
P6C Miss Beattie

Mrs Rae (Wed)

P7A Miss Byrne
P7B Mrs Livingstone (Tues – Fri)

Mrs Jones (Mon)

P7C Mr West (Tues – Fri)

Mrs Morgan (Mon)

Support for Pupils P1-4 Mrs Donegan

P5-7 Mrs Livingstone (Mon, Tues, Wed am)