P6 Robot Engineers @ Amazon


P6 had an ‘amazin’ day today visiting and working at ADCS (Amazon Development Centre Scotland), Waverley Gate, the culmination of their Technology project to explore and experience Robotics Engineering.  Earlier in the term, school mum Ellie Trotter headed a group of Software Development Engeneers, who came to SMPS to organise workshops and learning groups to help the pupils engage in the secrets behind Robotic engineering.

Following that, the kids worked in their cooperative learning groups to build the base for their robots using kits supplied by Amazon, each creating their own design and then collaborating  to perfect and finetune a joint design, which they then built using recycled packaging materials.

Today, at Amazon headquarters, they were able to write code and programme the robots.

They were also treated to a tour of the fabulous Development Centre, with its shiny facilities dotted with down- time activities such as hammock and nerf-gun corner!

“I loved getting to programme our robot. You programmed it on a computer and then downloaded it onto the micro bit for the robot to do things – our robot moved around the floor.  Each of the rooms was named after different movies, one of them was called the millennium falcon!”

P6 pupils and staff would like to thank amazing Ellie and all the Amazon team for a fun, interesting and very important engagement project.