Happy Feet

Today at Assembly we congratulated the children for looking so amazing in their smart school uniforms and their enthusiasm shown for the year ahead. It was nice to welcome pupils moving up to Comiston rd from Deanbank and for those joining us in the One-ery or newly enrolled across the school.

We are pleased that this year the costs of school uniform has been greatly reduced through our new supplier making it more accesable for all.

Thank you for supporting our move towards the revised school uniform code and in particular it has been very pleasing to see a reduction in multi-coloured or branded trainers being  worn.  The vast majority of pupils now wearing suitable black footwear.



School Playground:

Parents are  reminded  that pupils must walk with scooters and bikes across the school playgrounds.

A new scooter rack has been ordered for the Sports Pitch entrance area which will ease congestion around the main door.

You may have noticed our nice new sheds.  This is the first sign of the playground development at Comiston rd  getting under way!  later this year we hope to remove the trim trail and matting to be replaced by the ‘natural environment’ zone.  Work is already under way making safe and reparing the adjacent retaining wall where the loose parts play is located.

The shed is joint funded by the school and after-school club and will house playground equipment on one side and gardening equipment on the other.

Similar sheds at Deanbank house loose parts play materials there and support children independently accessing the resources.


Punctuality to lines has been excellent this week. Over-all last session the school had over 98% attendance. Well done and thank you.

However, a small number of pupils are left unattended in the playground before 8:30 am.

There is no supervision of pupils at SMPS before the morning bell. Parents who require support with this must make suitable arrangements or attend the  Breakfast Club.


Please be advised that from Monday lunch times at Comiston rd have been changed to 12:20-1:20. This is to accommodate extended teaching time in the morning.

The new tray and crockery service, funded by the Parent Council will also commence on Monday.


Diary dates:

From our ‘Engage’ feedback, we know that having as much notice as possible is high on the priority list for many parents who wish to join us in our range of sharing events.  We hope to have our calander of events published on the website shortly along with the   class yearly curriculum plan.  These will be shared and discussed with you at the Curriculum Evenings in September.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Michael Urquhart, Head Teacher.