August to October was very busy for P7A! They have relished the responsibilities of being prefects and some of us have begun our new house captain roles.  Here is a quick round up of what we have accomplished so far!

P7A’s first job was to create our class charter.  We studied the UN Convention Rights of a Child carefully to do this.  As a class we were really happy with our charter and display it proudly at the front of our classroom.

Earlier in the term we read ‘Kites are Flying’ by Michael Morporgo which examines life on both sides of the conflict in Gaza.  As a class we enjoyed reading this and completing tasks in response to the text.  We created a wall to display all of our hard work.  The next book we studied in class was the ‘Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes we had great fun creating simile poems in the shape of the Iron Man.

Our topic for the term was the Scottish Parliament.  P7A had a great trip to the Scottish Parliament where they quizzed MSP Jeremey Balfour.  We were lucky enough to meet Mrs Lavery in the debating chamber who told us all about her job as a reporter for the Scottish Parliament.  Our work on the Scottish Parliament and persuasive writing ended with an exciting, and at times heated, debate on Scottish Independence.  I was so impressed with everyone’s speeches and I was especially impressed with our Preciding Officers.

P7A have been diligently working through all their maths topics.  Some of P7A were lucky enough to visit Heriot Watt University during maths week.  They came back and wowed us with some complicated puzzles!

Finally, each of us created a clay face representing ourselves.  They were hard work but we were very happy with the results.

Now we are off to Lagganlia! We look forward to updating you all on our escapades!

Well done P7A!

Miss Byrne