A Belated Chag Sukkot Sameach from P3!


The Jewish festival of Sukkot was celebrated from the 4th to 11th of October this year. We are a wee bit late to the party but this week P3B will give their class assembly on Sukkot – what does it celebrate, why and how. We look forward to being joined by P3B’s parents and carers at 9.20am in the hall.

Get out your labels and laundry pens please! We need to send out a plea to all parents & carers to put their child’s name in every item of clothing that comes to school. This is a message we send out frequently but we still have children coming in with items like school sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans with no name in them. It makes it extremely hard to return things to their owners and wastes quite a lot of time as we try to do so.

Please could you also have a check through your child’s uniform items to see if they have accidentally come home with something belonging to another child. Paul-Michael, from P3C, is missing a couple of new school sweatshirts that do have his name in them but don’t appear to be in school.

The homework for this week is:

  • Reading – Please see reading/homework diaries/jotters.
  • Spelling – Please use this week as a revision week. Look at the Block 8 spellings in your spelling booklet (the last three words on each page) and practise these.  New spelling words and activities will begin Monday 6th November.
  • Maths – This week in class, we are learning about symmetry.  Please use these two games on matching and sorting symmetrical images to practise this at home. Both work on tablets.

And here is this week’s child friendly plan:TOP - 1 (12)