Super Sukkot – P3B’s Class Assembly

For all the P3B parents/carers, grannies, grandpas, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends who didn’t get to see our assembly today, here it is in video form.

Apologies for the low volume. I have boosted it as far as I can but you might need to turn those speakers up to 11!

Many thanks to Mrs Gardi for coming in to tell us about the significance of the four plant species that make up the Lulav and for lending us lulavs and citrons for the performance.

Thanks, too, to Miss Finlayson for her camera skills and for resisting the urge to sing along with the songs :-).

The children did an AMAZING job over the last couple of weeks: learning about the festival, working together to use their learning, producing some lovely artwork and models, cooperating to write the script and to choose the images for the PowerPoint presentation, learning their lines and the songs and generally being a very creative bunch. They deserve to be very, very proud of themselves – I know that I am proud of them and I’m sure you are too.

Mrs Closs