Primary 4 Monthly Memo

What have we been learning in October?

Literacy – We finished recipe writing this month with the children writing their own recipe about creating the perfect P4 pupil and independently using all they have learned such as time connectives, imperative verbs and layout. Children then began recount writing by writing about something they did in their holidays. This gives us a pre-assessment of their recount writing skills and determine next steps in their learning.


Reading – Children are continuing to enjoy reading in class as well as at home. We have been working on expression and using blooms buttons to answer questions and have been working independently to writing answers to questions and getting them to share their thoughts and views.


Spelling – We have been working hard with spelling in our different groups across the whole year group and children are enjoying this way of learning.


Maths and Numeracy – In October, children have been working on time. We have been telling the time in five minute intervals, reading analogue and digital time and working with timetables.  Children completed a holistic test on their understanding of adding, time tables, symmetry and reading timetables. Please continue to work with reading time and revisiting the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table at home with your child.


Topic – On Friday 27th October parents were invited into the classroom to see our P4 museums about Ancient Egypt.  We had a fantastic turnout and children enjoyed being tour guides and explaining the various activities they have taken part in and sharing what they had learned.  We had lots of positive feedback from parents where they had enjoyed this experience, how much their children had engaged with the topic and that they found this way of reporting meaningful.


Resilience – Children completed a personal feelings chart for a week and then discussed their feelings and how they felt with the different emotions and teachers then wrote a comment for reporting to parents. Children then took the charts home to discuss with their parents and thank you for your comments with this activity.  As a result, we have now created a classroom feelings chart and children are responding well to supporting one another and being respectful of their different feelings.


What shall we be learning about in November?

Literacy – In October, we will be teaching children about recount and diary writing based on their piece of work recounting an event in the October holidays. We will focus on chronological order, writing in the 1st person and tenses. This writing will be linked with our new topic the BFG.


Spelling – We will continue with our different groups across the year group teaching spelling patterns and would encourage the children to complete a spelling task each week at home. The week beginning 20th November will be a revision week of all the spelling patterns they have learned so far.


Maths and Numeracy – We will be looking at dividing numbers by 2,3,4, 5 and 10 with no remainders and then with remainders.


Topic – WE will be introducing our BFG topic which will take us up to Christmas. Children will be using Roald Dahl’s BFG story which has many links to writing, reading, maths, art and performance and there will be a showcase to report on Literacy, Art and Drama and Technology on Monday 11th December at 1.45 – 2.15pm


Resilience – At the end of October we launched our next unit of Resilience called ‘Talk Things Over’. In this unit, we will cover:


  • At times we all feel worried.
  • If worries are not dealt with they get out of control.
  • If you are struggling it is important to ask for help.


A homework task has been sent home for children and families to create their own worry monster and return to school by Friday 17th November so that we can share their monsters with each other and some at the sharing assembly.


Dates for your diary:

  • Friday 17th November – Children to complete and bring into school their worry monsters they have created at home for sharing.
  • November Ukulele mini-concert on P4 blog.
  • Monday 11th December at 1.15 – 2.15pm BFG showcase (in each P4 classroom).



We hope that you have found this useful.

P4 Teachers.