It’s a P3 Emergency!


Now that we have said goodbye to RLS and the pirates, we’ve made a start to our new topic: the Emergency Services. Today, we had a visitor from the RNLI who came to tell us about the work that they do. Over the next few week – before and after Christmas – we will learn about the Police, Fire and Ambulance services and even Mountain Rescue. Stay tuned!

Please could all children bring in their spelling jotters every Friday – they are needed for our spelling check-ups and so that their new words can be put in on Mondays after the spelling lesson.

We don’t want to mention [whisper it] Christmas [shhhhh!] too early but next week P3 will have their workshops in advance of our Lyceum visit to see “The Arabian Nights”. P3A get the ball rolling on the morning of Monday 27th November, P3B have theirs on Tuesday 28th and P3C take their turn on Wednesday 29th. All workshops start at 9am, so don’t be late!

This week’s homework:

  • Reading -See the homework/reading diary/jotter for details.
  • Spelling – Please learn this week’s spelling pattern and, in your jotter, complete a spelling activity from the grid.
  • Maths – Please continue to do lots of oral practise of the 2, 5 and 10 times table to increase speed and accuracy. This week in class we are learning about pictograms. Please use this game to practise (not tablet friendly – sorry).

And the weekly plan:

TOP - 1 (3)