P3 Divide and Conquer

Building on their work on multiplication, P3 have started learning about division this week. During P1 and P2, this was known as “grouping and sharing” and we are still using these practical strategies to illustrate division. In grouping,  a collection of objects is divided into equal groups of a given number and then the number of groups is counted (eg 15 divided into groups of 3 results in 5 groups). In sharing, a collection of objects is shared between a given number of groups and the number of objects in each group is counted (eg 16 divided between 2 groups results in groups of 8). Check out this YouTube video for an illustration (but ignore the remainders – we’re not quite there yet!). The main development from P2 is that we are starting to talk about the process as division and to use the divide symbol in written sums.

Christmas has arrived at school, so you can expect some crafts to come home at some point in the next three weeks. There are no specific festive activities this week, but next week sees the following:

  • Tuesday 12th: Christmas dinner for those having school lunches
  • Wednesday 13th: “Arabian Nights” at the Lyceum
  • Friday 15th: Christmas Jumper Day

This is the last week of reading, spelling and homework in general before the holidays, so enjoy it while you can:

  • Reading – See the homework/reading diary/jotter for details.
  • Spelling – Learn this week’s spelling pattern and complete a spelling activity – please make sure you have your spelling jotter at school on Friday!
  • Maths This week in class we are practising our grouping and sharing (division) skills and linking this with our times table facts of 2, 5 and 10. Please use these two Top Marks and Snappy Maths games to practise these skills. The Top Marks game requires flash player so won’t work on an iPad.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:

TOP - 1 (7)