SMPS Skiing Teams @ Boyd Anderson Competition

We are so proud of our Ski teams for fantastic work yesterday at the Boyd Anderson Edinburgh Schools competition at Hillend.

The Novice team – Seb (P3), Nicholas (P4), Ruben (P3), Rory (P2), Oliver (P2) and Shaun (P6) – worked really well together and did very well considering this was their first competition.

Our Expert team for the Boyd Anderson competition, Lottie, Amber, Katie, Matthew , Max and Johnny (all of P7C!) came second (by 6/100 of a second!!!) with Lottie getting the “Fastest Girl” shield !

Mrs Henderson apologises for the standard of the photography – apparently it was so cold they could hardly hold the iPad!!!

We would like to thank Alexa Guy, parent and coach , and Mrs Henderson for all their work and support to help the children participate in this important event in the skiing calendar.

“The races provide a key milestone for children in their exposure to skiing. Representing the School is an honour they appreciate and most relish the chance to compete, whatever their level (please ensure all skiers can ski competently from the first red path – Middle Station).
The fact that there are events for both experienced and novice racers increases the accessibility of the event and we hope that most schools will be keen to enter at least one team.
A school may enter one team in each category – Boyd Anderson Trophy for experienced skiers and Novice Trophy for those who have skied for no longer than one year. A team shall consist of six members with the aggregate times of the fastest four to count for a team score. The competition will be an open slalom from the Middle Station with approximately eight gates to be negotiated.”
(Midlothian Council Publication)