Primary 4 Monthly Memo December


What have we been learning in November?

Literacy – We have been working on recount writing this month, basing our work on our class novel, the BFG (which we have all loved!). We have been learning about writing in the first person and about using past tense verbs as we have been writing about things that have already happened. We have also been working on improving the descriptive language we use to grab our readers’ attention. We worked together on a shared piece of writing from the BFG’s perspective on his experience of being bullied by the other giants, and then we finished our block on recounts by independently writing our own recount from Sophie’s perspective when she was grabbed by the BFG. In this piece we used all that we have learned such as time connectives, past tense and descriptive language to show off how much we have improved from our first recount of our October holidays.

The BFG (Dahl novel - cover art).jpg


Reading – We have been working on comprehension skills this month and have been continuing to work independently to write answers to questions once we have read a short passage/chapter. We will continue to work on these specific comprehension skills throughout the rest of the year.

Reading homework in P4 will be changing after the Christmas holidays and the P4 staff are really excited to get going with this new style of working. Children will not be given the same reading book in a group anymore, instead they will have choice, from a specially chosen selection to read at home at their own pace, with the responsibility to record the books they have chosen. In class, reading time will be spent sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions with each other about what they are reading and working on applying the comprehension skills learnt.

More detailed information will follow after the holidays.


Spelling – We have been working hard with spelling in our different groups across the whole year group and children are enjoying this way of learning. We completed a revision week this month, practising all the spelling rules we have learned so far and trying to apply these rules across all our writing. Spelling has now stopped for the holidays but will resume in January.


Maths and Numeracy – This month we have been working on the concept of division without and with remainders. We have been using our times table facts to help us with some division problems as we know that multiplication and division are the inverse of each other, so, for example, if we know that 5×3=15 we also know that 15÷5=3 etc. We have also been using the bus-stop method for long division- ask us to show you how we can work out a division problem using this method. Towards the end of November and into December we have been working on money and measuring length and area. We have been practising working with money up to totals of £20 and have been revisiting adding larger numbers together and subtraction while working out change. We have also been using calculators to add together totals of money. Incorporated into our BFG project we have been measuring length accurately in cms using a ruler and measuring the area of a shape in cm2. Telling the time is still particularly difficult for many of us so any opportunity to practise this at home would be great: Working in 12 and 24hr times, telling the time in 5 minute intervals and reading timetables. Please also continue to revisit the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table, and using the time table facts we know to help with division problems.


Topic – Our BFG project has been a huge hit and we have all enjoyed learning about Roald Dahl as an author and his particular style of writing. We have enjoyed some art lessons inspired from the book and have been busy designing, building and working with shadow puppets based on the story. We have written short scripts for our puppets and have worked together really well in groups to practise the delivery of our scripts. We enjoyed welcoming you into the classrooms this week to watch our puppet shows and to hear and see the learning that has taken place over the last 6 weeks.


Resilience – We have been working on the ‘Talk Things Over’ unit, and have spent some time talking about feeling worried and sharing some of our worries with each other. We know that it is good to talk about our worries with someone we trust and by doing so, we are likely to feel better and stop our worries getting out of control. The P4 team were amazed by the worry monsters that arrived in our classrooms and we all enjoyed sharing these in our Sharing Assembly this month.


Dates for your diary:


  • Tuesday 12th Dec – P4 visit to Deanbank to watch the Onery Nativity Show. Children and staff will also share a Christmas Lunch on this day.
  • Wednesday 13th Dec– Whole school trip to the Lyceum to see Arabian Nights
  • Tuesday 19th Dec– end of term Service
  • Wednesday 20th Dec– P4 Christmas Party



We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing holiday. We will see you all in January and we are looking forward to what is in store for 2018.


Thank You,


The P4 Team