Go on, have some fun! Maths Holiday Challege

We wish everyone a wonderful, fun, restful, stress-free, healthy holiday! If, however, you find there is some time on your hands and you are not sure how to fill it, why not try your hand at this Maths Holiday Challege? It’s aimed at P6 pupils, but we are sure many many of our younger ones can enjoy it too!
“I am launching a ‘Holiday Maths Challenge’, created in partnership with the
Scottish Mathematical Council, to be issued to primary pupils in Scotland. The first issue – Christmas Holiday 2017 – has been designed for primary 6 pupils and their families. The intention is that pupils will take this home for the holidays to explore maths in a fun way outwith the classroom and ideally with family member”
                                                                    John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister