Primary 4 January Newsletter


Happy 2018 to all primary 4 children and families! We are very excited to get started on lots of new and exciting learning! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the very kind gifts we received for Christmas and we hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.


What will we be learning in January?

Literacy –

We will begin the year learning to write different kinds of poetry, starting with cinquain poems inspired by the Scots text The Boy and the Bunnet. This is a perfect opportunity to use our understanding of nouns, verbs and adjectives as well as using a range of descriptive language.

Reading –

Primary 4 are undertaking a new approach to reading. We hope you have seen the parent mail explaining the new approach in full. Children will be given the responsibility and independence to choose their own reading books at their own pace. They will be offered a selection of reading materials from across a number of genre, all selected by staff at an appropriate reading level. Children will record their own reading material and a member of staff, to ensure a good coverage of genre across the term, will check this regularly. Children who are still mastering the mechanical skills of reading will continue to work weekly on a set book with a member of staff to develop their reading fluency.

At the end of the block we will gather feedback from children, parents and staff as to the success of this new approach and we will plan and develop our next steps based upon this feedback.

We have already started lots of exciting activities about books and authors in our classes and we are enjoying sharing the books and authors that we love!

Spelling –

Spelling is up and running for the new term and will continue as before. Children should complete one activity and ensure they know the spelling and the meaning of the words sent home. Homework will continue to be sent home on a Monday and should be returned to school for the test on Thursday.

Maths and Numeracy –

We are starting the term working on time, building on learning covered earlier in the year. It is essential that children continue to practise this important life skill regularly at home to consolidate work covered in school. We have looked in detail at units of time and children should know key facts, such as:

  • there are 365 days in a year
  • the 4 seasons in order
  • the months in order
  • units of time and how they link to each other for example, there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and so on
  • the number of days in each month, the following poem is a helpful tool to remember this



We are also returning to work on the multiplication tables, now covering the 6 and 7 multiplication tables. Again, learning the multiplication tables and the related division facts will be an essential building block as we move on to learning about fractions. Children should be reminded that if 6 x 5 = 30 then 5 x 6 = 30 and this links to division, 30 ÷ 5 = 6 and 30 ÷ 6 = 5.


Some websites that come recommended by the children for fun practice at home are:


Hit the Button –

Topmarks –

Timestables –


Topic –

Over the coming weeks P4 will be taking part in the whole school Scots focus. Children will learn and recite a Scots poem to the class, take part in singing a Scots song and explore Scots language and music through the book The Boy and the Bunnet by James Robertson. This Scots text will provide inspiration for writing Scots poems, our current writing focus. Primary 4 will also explore the geography of Scotland as part of this topic.


Building Resilience –

On the first Friday back, the next unit of Building Resilience was launched – Get Active!


The children enjoyed the assembly and loved the Sid Shuffle on youtube  and the Fischy Music song ‘Everybody’s Body’.


In this unit, we will learn that having a hobby and taking part in activities can help us if we are feeling ‘down’. To help us be resilient we need to live a well-balanced and healthy life and that means having an active lifestyle, fuel for our bodies, proper nutrition and time to rest and relax.


A home learning task for all the family will be sent home on Friday 19th January to be completed for Friday the 2nd February.


Stationary request –

Could we please request that children come to school with a pencil as this will enable lessons to run more smoothly. It would also be incredibly helpful if children could bring their own whiteboard pens as we have a never-ending shortage!


Reporting –

Following on from a block of drama, P4C parents should expect a reporting sheet home, which should be returned to school with a comment.

P4A and P4B will send home reporting for drama once they have completed a drama block with Mrs Burdon. P4B will have drama until Easter and P4A will have drama in the summer term.

Please ensure any reporting sheets sent home so far have been returned. We are still waiting for some feedback sheets for the Technologies puppet show.




Dates for your diary:

Monday 29th January – The children should be ready to perform their Scots poem to their class. Poems have now been sent home to all classes.

Friday 2nd February – Return resilience homework task

Friday 9th February – Scots Assembly

March – Parent consultations dates and information to come


Thank You,

The P4 Team