World Premiere of ‘Peter Fae The Pans’ – Not To Be Missed!

At SMPS we eagerly await the performance of yet another smash hit by our fantastic SMSC.  We know from experience, South Morningside Stage Club productions are not to be missed!

“I can definitely recommend for people to come – it is MUCH better even than last year’s show! There are lots of good dancers and songs, no spoilers – but you should come to see it!”                                      Member of the SMSC

pixiedustA combination of drama, humour, song, dance and lots of charm, talented team Stephen and Hannah have produced yet another winner to be enjoyed by all ages. Tickets are now on sale and can be ordered using this form.

pixiedustThe South Morningside Stage Club is one of our most popular clubs, available for pupils of P6 and P7 classes. Lucky for us, the same creative team now run Drama clubs for pupils younger (from P1) and older (to S4) so the fun and excitement of being part of a stage production, together with the opportunity to learn so many wonderful skills, can be shared by more of our children.  You can find more about this here, and in our previous posts: