P3 – Carrying Further


Welcome back, everyone! We hope that everyone had a relaxing break. It definitely seemed a little lighter in the morning today.

Our Emergency Services Topic continues this term. All classes have now visited the Fire Station and the only service left is Mountain Rescue. We are hoping that we will have a visit from them this term but, as you can imagine, since they all have day jobs and it is a very busy time of year for the service, we are waiting for them to find a quieter moment when they can fit us in.

This week, in maths, we are carrying on with carrying – in addition :-). We will be putting our knowledge and skills to the test with some “real world” adding problems, taking them from a word problem to a written sum. An example of this would be: I paid 27p for an apple and 68p for a sandwich. How much did I spend altogether? This would be written as:


Here is this week’s homework:

  • Reading – See the homework/reading diary/jotter.
  • Spelling – Please learn this week’s spelling pattern and complete a spelling activity – make sure you have your spelling jotter at school on Friday!
  • Maths – Some children are still finding mental addition within 20 a bit tricky so more practice of number bonds within 10/20, doubles and near doubles would be helpful. If your child is confident with this, then you could do some work on place value (hundreds, tens and ones (formerly “units”). Here are some links to games to support this.

And here is the child-friendly plan:

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