What have we been learning in February?


Literacy – We have been working on poetry this term, which we linked, with our Scots language learning. We have been reading and writing different styles of non-rhyming poetry, with a focus on descriptive language. We have been learning to use alliteration, onomatopia and similes in our poetry. All 3 teachers have been blown away with the poets who have emerged in each class, and are proud of the language and thought that has gone into each poetry style.


As part of our Scots language focus we read the story of The Boy and the Bunnet. This is a clever story that uses different Scottish musical instruments to represent each of the characters in the story. We then, ourselves, went to be even more clever by writing cinquain poems about a character from the story using the Scots language we had learned!


Well done to everyone who successfully recited their Scots poem. It was lovely to have every child confidently perform in front of their peers and it was obvious that a lot of time had been spent practising at home.


Reading – The children have been enjoying their free choice of reading material for the last few weeks and have begun to read some styles which they may not have initially chosen. Comprehension work has been continuing in class through shared texts and we continue to work on inference skills, making connections with what we read and extracting key information.


Apologies that we haven’t had parents in to class yet to share reading time with the children, this term has gotten away from us but we will send details out for this in the summer term.


Maths and Numeracy – We’ve had a busy month in our numeracy lessons covering work on co-ordinates, volume and a revisit of time. We have also learned the 6 and 7 times table and have been multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by 2,3,4,5,6 and 7.


Topic – We completed a mini topic this month on the Geography of Scotland. We began by looking at the world as a whole, then specifically at the continents, then the UK and finally Scotland. We used atlases and the internet to research the different features of the land (mountains, rivers, lochs) and we plotted the key towns and cities. With our learning partners we transferred all that we had learned into a 3D paper mache map of Scotland. Be sure to have a look when you are in our classes for parent’s evenings.

Coming this month:

Our writing focus this month will be on Newspapers. We will be learning about the key features of a newspaper, including the layout and language style. We will then be putting on our journalist hats to have a go at writing our own articles… read all about it!


In Numeracy and Maths we will be finishing our work on the 8 and 9 times tables. Once this learning is complete we will spend some time revising all the tables. We would really appreciate your support with this at home as fast recall of all the tables is a really important skill. This month we will also spend some time working on word problems, revisiting and practising using all 4 of the operations (+, -, x ÷).


Our focus for this month is on the Spring service, which we will lead at church, where all are parents are welcome. Each class is going to research and share their learning on a different Spring festival. P4a are learning about Holi, P4b are learning about Easter and P4c are learning about Passover. We are really excited to share all that we have learned with you at the end of the month.


Dates for your diary:


PARENT CONSULATIONS for primary 4 will be on the week beginning 12th March. A slip containing your time will be sent home next week. Appointments will be given in 10 minute slots (children are welcome to attend these appointments) and due to timings of the school closing we will have to stick firmly to these 10 minute timings. We really appreciate your support in this.


  • Tuesday 6th March- P4C will spend the morning up at the nursery.
  • Tuesday 20th March– P4A will be spending the morning up at the nursery; we are looking for 2 parent helpers to accompany us. If you are able to help please let Mrs Ward or Mrs Moss know.
  • Tuesday 27th March– P4 will be leading the Spring Service at church.


Thank You,


The P4 Team