A huge warm welcome back and we hope you all had a lovely break!


What have we been learning in March?


Literacy – In writing our focus has been on Newspaper report writing. We learned about the key features of a newspaper, looking at headlines, hook, main body, layout and language style. We then became journalists by creating our own newspaper reports about our Easter Assembly. Children were then able to look back at their first attempt (cold piece) and compare it to their final report (hot piece) to see how they have progressed and 1-1 feedback was given.


Reading – The children have enjoyed their free choice of reading material and feedback from the children has been positive such as ‘I like how we can choose a book for ourselves’ and ‘You can read as much as you want’. We have refreshed the baskets of books where children have had the opportunity to decide what books there should be with a range of genre. Comprehension work has continued in class through shared texts and we will continue to work on inference skills, making connections with what we read and extracting key information.


Maths and Numeracy – we completed our learning and understanding of the 8 and 9 times tables and have spent time revising all the tables, multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers, solving word problems and revisiting and practising all 4 of the operations (+, -, x ÷).


Topic – Our mini topic this month has linked to RME through delivering an assembly at the Spring service. Each class researched and shared their learning on a different Spring festival. P4a learned about Holi, P4b learned about Easter and P4c learned about Passover. Each class shared their learning on their chosen festival with the other two classes and then to the whole school at the church assembly. Everyone did a fantastic job, speaking clearly, working well together and presenting well. The children were excited to share all that they had learned and it was lovely to see so many parents there. Well done Primary 4!


Coming this month:


Literacy – Our focus this month will be imaginative writing. We will look at characters, setting, plot, author’s language as well as the layout of the writing.


Reading – We will continue with our reading for enjoyment and we will look at planning and having parents in to class to share reading time with the children. We will send details out for this soon.


Maths and Numeracy – Our focus this month will cover patterns and division by 6 and 7 without and then with remainders. Can you please continue to practise all the times tables with your child as these are important to help with many aspects of maths and numeracy.


Health and Wellbeing – We will be launching our next unit of our Resilience programme and learning about Internet Safety. We will be covering a unit in the Keeping Myself Safe programme. This unit will cover:

  • understanding that everyone is different. ​
  • understanding that everyone has feelings. ​
  • understanding that everyone needs to be included.


Technology – Children will be learning and designing their own treasure box looking at creating nets, using lids and exploring ways in which they can decorate and present their boxes. Children will then evaluate and review their box and reporting will come home.


Dates for your diary:


Friday 20th April – Building Resilience launch of next unit. Home task will follow.


Wednesday 2nd May – P4C will begin swimming (details to follow).


Monday 18th June – Trip to Edinburgh Mosque for all classes (details to follow).


Thank You,


The P4 Team