Primary 4 Monthly Memo




What have we been learning in April?




Reading – Comprehension work has been continuing in P4 and we are beginning to locate and find information from a text to answer questions well. We have been practising skimming and scanning for key words from a question to help us locate an answer and we have been working hard to read questions carefully to ensure that we answer them fully.


Topic – We have completed a mini topic this month on designing and creating our own models. We have worked through a process to create a box for keeping our own little treasures safe. We explored different materials and methods of creating boxes and decided that cardboard would be the best material to use as it is strong but also easily folded and shaped. We learned about 2D nets and how they can be used to build a 3D shape. After practising with different paper nets we choose our final shape to be made from cardboard. This project allowed us to focus on some different skills including careful cutting, scoring and folding and ways to ensure that gluing is effective. The final part of the project was the design of the box. We explored different methods of making the box look attractive and special and then chose the methods we liked best. Our boxes will be coming home this week. Please talk to us about the process we used and help us to evaluate our box using the feedback sheet provided.


Health and Wellbeing– We have been learning about ways to keep ourselves safe online. We have learned about the SMART rules which help remind us of things we can do keep our information and ourselves safe while we are using the internet. We will be sending some work home for you to share about the SMART rules… we are going to teach you what they are.


Science– This week we were really excited to have a Generation Science workshop called Good Vibrations. We spent the morning learning about different ways of producing sound from vibrations and how to change the pitch of the sound. We took part in a number of experiments using different musical instruments and we used sound recording equipment to actually see the sound waves produced. The workshop concluded with us recording our own song which was mixed there and then… a once in a lifetime chance to hear that song!!


Coming this month:


Our writing focus this month will be on imaginative writing. We will be focusing on some of the key features that make a story hard to put down. We will be learning about characterisation and an author’s use of descriptive language. We will then try to put everything we have learned together to produce our own best-seller stories!


In Numeracy and Maths we will be revisiting division with and without remainders. We will begin by looking at the link between multiplication and division and using our tables to help us work out division problems. We will then be moving onto dividing 3 digit numbers. Later this month we will begin our work on fractions. We will be learning to, find a fraction of a quantity (exploring the link with division, eg ½ of 12p means 12p divided by 2), find equivalent fractions (eg ½ is the same as 2/4) and identifying where a fraction would be on a number line.


Our next project will be about Our Local Community, which will link in with our Building Resilience unit this term, Make a Difference.



This week will be the last week for homework throughout the school. For the remainder of the term we would like all children to focus on reading for enjoyment. Fingers crossed we get some more sunshine so some days can be spent reading outside in the fresh air J We are coming to the end of our year long reading challenge. All reading passports will be sent home for children to update the last of the books which they have read this year, they will then be collected in again and will be shared as part of our whole school end of year reading celebrations.


Children who read with a teacher in a group will still read together in class but these books will not be sent home for the remainder of the term.


Dates for your diary:


4th May– please return technology treasure box evaluation forms. The treasure boxes and accompanying work can be kept at home.

14th May– Make a Difference Resilience homework is due

29th May– P4C to the Traverse Theatre for Imaginate Festival

30th May– P4A & B to the Traverse Theatre for Imaginate Festival


Thank You,


The P4 Team