P3 Go Outside

OUTDOOR_CLASSROOM_DAY_RGB_FULLThis week, P3A will be celebrating Outdoor Classroom Day by spending time learning in some of the amazing outdoor spaces we have right on our doorstep. Parents of P3A will have had an email about this already – please check for details.

Now that the weather is warmer and many plants are in flower, hay fever season is upon us. With perfect timing, our supply of tissues has run out. If you could spare a box of tissues for your child’s class, it would be much appreciated.

Formal homework has stopped for the term, but you should have received a note from the P3 teachers explaining what we will be doing in class and what you can do at home if you want to. Your child will also have received a sheet with a list of the first 100-200 most common words. You can use this for spelling practice at home. Read a few of the words at a time to your child and see how many they can spell. You could then focus on the ones they can’t spell yet. If you want to join in with the outdoor learning vibe, words could be written in chalk or “painted” in water on paving. Again, this work is optional.

As you will know, we have been doing work in maths on multiplying and dividing by two. This week, we are working on halving and quartering shapes and quantities. Halving is very easy after some practice of dividing by 2. If your child would like to practise any of this at home, here are two games they could try (not tablet-friendly): Dartboard Double & Half is about doubling and halving numbers and has various levels, the other, Fractions, also covers 1/3 and 3/4 of shapes and numbers, if you would like more of a challenge.

Finally, don’t forget that next Monday (21st May) is a school holiday and that Monday 28th is not.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:

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