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This week, P3B are working on measure in maths – and P3A and C will be starting too. We are measuring objects and distances with the standard metric units of centimetres and metres, using rulers and metre sticks.

There is no formal homework for the last few weeks of term but if you want to do any work at home, here are some suggestions . . .

If you have a ruler and/or tape measure at home, encourage your child to measure various objects round the home. The important things to remember are:

  1. Always line up the zero on the ruler/tape measure with the left-hand end (for length/width) or the top or bottom (for height) of the object.
  2. Always make sure that the ruler/tape measure is straight against the edge of the object being measured, not at an angle.
  3. Read the number that is closest to the end/top/bottom of the object. At the moment, we are only working in centimetres and metres so a certain amount of rounding up/down is required.

Here is a link to an online game (tablet-friendly) to support measuring in centimetres.

We are on our last push for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge – please continue to encourage your child to read for pleasure at home. They could also be supported in reading for information – eg instructions for games, recipes, menus, newspapers.

If you want to do a bit of spelling practice, the children have their spelling jotters home with the patterns they have learned this year, as well as the list of the first 100/200 common words.

Don’t forget that on Tuesday afternoon next week we have our trip to the Brunton Theatre to see Gretel and Hansel as part of the Imaginate Festival. See the relevant parent mail for more details.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:

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