A P3 Fairytale?


On Tuesday afternoon, P3 are off to the theatre. We’re very intrigued about the show:  why is it “Gretel and Hansel” and not “Hansel and Gretel”? We’re having an early lunch (don’t forget the packed lunch if you don’t have a school dinner ordered) and then heading off to Musselburgh to find out more. Ask us about it tomorrow evening!

Our work on measure continues this week. P3B is using estimation and balance scales to decide which items are heavier/lighter/heaviest/lightest and weighing scales to find out how much items weigh to the nearest kilogram. P3A and P3C are estimating and measuring lengths using centimetres and metres. Why not practise some measuring at home?! Check out last week’s blog for some instructions on measuring length and a link to an online measuring game. If you would like a game on weighing, try this one out (we would start at the top option). If you’d really like a challenge, here’s a game that combines measuring size, weight and reading tables!

The weather has suddenly got much warmer and sunnier (some of the day). It might be an idea to apply some suncream if it looks like it might be a particularly sunny day. Make sure your child comes to school with a water bottle every day so that they can keep hydrated too.

On Thursday next week, the P3s will join the P4s-7s for Sports Day at Braidburn Valley Park. We hope to see some of you there to cheer them on.

Only five weeks to go to the end of P3 – we can’t quite believe it!

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:TOP - 1 (31).jpg