Forest Kindergarten

Our Pre-schoolers have started their two weeks in the woods- come rain or shine we will be exploring, learning, playing and investigating in the woods. The children have had regular experiences in the woods, through our well established Forest Kindergarten programme, and now  we look forward to enabling the children to demonstrate their wide range of skills across a two week block.

Each day, the children will gather at Base Camp to reflect upon the previous day’s experinence, discuss what they plan to do that day and revisit the camp conduct, to make sure they keep themselves safe. After that, the Owls, Squirrels, Foxes and Rabbits will gather in the group bases to plan what and where they will explore. After free play, the children have the opportunity to engage in a planned activity, each day, which will ensure skill progression over the two weeks.

What an exciting learning opportunity for some of our youngest learners!