What have we been learning in May?


Literacy – This month we have been focussing on imaginative writing. We have been looking at characterisation using descriptive language and feelings and emotions to bring our characters to life. We have also been focussing on how to make our writing more interesting and engaging for our readers.


Numeracy and Maths – Children have worked hard this month working on division. They have been using what they have learned with times tables to link with division, have completed calculations of dividing three digit numbers and calculations with and without remainders. We have then continued using division and times tables when we introduced fractions towards the end of the month. Through pre-assessment, children revisited working out and writing down fractions shaded within a shape. They then moved on to finding a fraction of a quantity (exploring the link with division, eg ½ of 12p means 12p divided by 2).


Topic – We have completed a comparison study between where we live and desert land. We have looked at how the climate and the landscape effects animals and humans in both settings, taken notes, created posters in groups and shared our findings with the class.


Health and Wellbeing– As part of our Resilience programme, we are looking at how we can all Make a Difference. Children had a home activity to complete and we thought it would be good to share their tasks by presenting to their class. Presentation preparation was to be completed by Friday 1st June and we look forward to hearing them starting from Monday 4th June.


Each class was also given a task to Make a Difference as a whole class. P4A created lovely cards to send to children who were in the Sick Children’s hospital to cheer them up. They were delighted to receive a response from Margaret who is the head of the play team at the sick kids, thanking them for the cards. P4B co-ordinated the Dress Down Day to help raise money for Kira Noble by creating posters to promote the dress down day and collecting donations from each class. P4C created posters to raise awareness of how sponsoring a puppy can help towards training them as a Guide Dog can make a difference to so many people’s lives.

Expressive Arts – As part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, children went to the Traverse Theatre to see a show called ‘Baba Yaga’. The show was a brand new take on an Old Russian folktale co-created by three unique and celebrated artists from opposite ends of the glove. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and it was great to have a questions and answers time at the end.


Coming this month:


Literacy – We shall continue to work on imaginative writing with a focus on descriptive language. Children are really enjoying the challenge of writing their own stories and building on previous learning.


Numeracy and Maths – Children will continue learning fractions and will be learning all about equivalent fractions (eg ½ is the same as 2/4) and identifying where a fraction would be on a number line. We will also be learning Algebra. We will be working on how to solve multiplication and division equations such as 3 x      = 6, learning how to make up equations from word problems and exploring the use of mathematical signs such as < >.


Topic – This term we are looking at Our Local Community covering different careers, different styles of housing in the area and how the school looks after its environment. As part of this, the children are going to make a model of their own house and it would be helpful if they could bring in a photograph of the outside of their home on Monday 4th June.


Science – In Science and Technology, children have finished creating their electric circuits and discovering about conductors and insulators. Children are looking forward to sharing their learning with parents and the details of dates and times are below.


Dates for your diary:


Monday 4th June – Primary 4 will all be having a cricket taster

Thursday 7th June – Sports Day

Monday 11th June – P4A Showcase for Science and Technology (2.45 – 3.15pm)

Tuesday 12th June – P4C Showcase for Science and Technology (9.00 – 9.30am)

P4B Showcase for Science and Technology (2.45 – 3.15pm)

Monday 18th June – All P4’s Mosque Trip (details to follow).

Friday 29th June    – Term ends. Children finish at 12 noon.


Thank You,


The P4 Team