P3 Good Sports

It’s a busy week in the P3 sporting calendar. We started off with a cricket taster session today and a bit of bowling and batting (see photos of P3B in action). On Thursday, it’s sports day, with P3 competing in the “big ones” event for the first time. House T-shirts will come home beforehand and children should come to school in their sports gear (and sunscreen). We’ll be leaving the school at 9.30am to head to Braidburn Valley Park. If you’re free that morning, please come and cheer us on.

The next big excitement will be our year group trip to Almond Valley next Monday (11th June). We’ve been studying Food and Farming this term, learning about where our food comes from: plant and animal sources, how animals are kept, how plants are grown and gathered, how food is changed as it goes from farm to fork. We’ll get to see some real-life examples of what we have learned as well as having lots of fun. Please make sure children are dressed for the weather – waterproofs and/or sunscreen, as appropriate.

By now, everyone will know which P4 class they are going to be in. We’ve had our first mix and mingle transition session today and there were lots of happy faces. We’ll have several more transition sessions before the end of term. There’s been plenty of chat about the reorganisation, with some really great comments from the children. They know that it’s something they have dealt with twice already – coming from nursery and at the end of P1 – and that they will all still be in the same building with opportunities to meet new friends and to stay connected to old ones in the playground, at House events and through playdates. As one wee soul said, “It’s not like we’re moving to different countries or anything!”. Wise words.

Hopefully, although there is no formal homework now, everyone is enjoying reading books (or comics, magazines, recipes, instructions etc) and taking some real-life learning opportunities (eg shopping, baking, outdoor activities). All three classes are at various stages of learning about using formal units of measurement in length, weight, volume, perimeter and area. Here are some links to online games to reinforce these:

And here is this week’s child-friendly plan:

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