P3 Down on the Farm


The P3 classes had a great time at Almond Valley today (see photos, above, of P3A). We met some farm animals and found out what they eat and how they are looked after, had a tractor trailer ride and had fun in some of the play areas. This week’s Big Writing will be a report on the visit using sequencing openers (eg First, Next, Then, After that, Finally). See if your child can tell you what they did, using these openers to put the events into the right order.

We’ve had another meet and mingle session in the new P4 classes, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other a bit better. We’ll have several more before the end of term.

As their class privilege, won by Orla during the House Talent Show, P3B would really like to have an afternoon at Morningside Park next Wednesday (20th June). However, we can’t do it without at least a couple of parent helpers to come with us. If you are free from 1.20 till 3.25 that afternoon, please let Mrs Closs know.

In maths this week, P3A and P3C continue to work on measure (weight in kilograms). Please see last week’s blog for a list of online games to practise measure. P3B is moving on to properties of 3D shape: number of faces, edges and corners (the mathematical name for corners is vertices). See this useful guide for parents on the properties of 2D and 3D shape. There are several games to try to test your knowledge on this area: 3D Shapes, Shapes in Space and 3D Objects and 2D Shapes (unfortunately none of them are tablet-friendly).

Here is this week’s Child Friendly Weekly Plan.