P3 Signing Off for the Summer


This is our last blog post for the 2017-18 year. There is no formal work going on this week so we have no child-friendly plan to share, just a few reminders and bits of housekeeping.

This week is set to be hot and sunny. Please pop some sunscreen on your child before they set off to school and make sure that they have a water bottle with them.

If your child has already brought in a large bag to collect their work, that’s brilliant. If they haven’t, please could they do so ASAP. If the bag comes home full, please empty it and send it back – there may be more to come!

We would like to invite the children to bring in games and books to share with each other in the last few days of term. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, children can bring in (non-electronic) games that are straightforward and relatively quick to play (eg not Monopoly) or short books that they think others might enjoy reading in class. Please make sure your child’s name is on any items so that they are identifiable.

Next year, the P4 classes will all line up at the back of the school, with P4A & C entering through the door nearest the girls’ toilets and P4B entering through the door nearest the boys’ toilets.

Whole-school end of term assembly: tomorrow (Tuesday 26th June) at Morningside Parish Church, leaving school at 9.15am.

End of term: Friday 29th June at 12 noon (please note earlier than usual time).

The P3 teachers would like to say a big thank you to the parents and carers of the classes for their support this year and wish everyone all the best for P4 (especially from Miss Macdonald 😉 !). We hope you have a very happy and relaxing summer holiday.