Welcome back!

 It has been lovely to welcome all of our children back to school- we have had a really positive start to the term. The P3 children have settled in so well at Comiston Road, and we are looking forward to the new P1 children starting properly next week.

We are proud of our South Morningside school uniform, and it was fantastic to see so many children looking smart and happy in their new uniform. The P7s looked brilliant in their new hoodies, which this year have the logo, designed by Eve, in their House colour. It would be a huge help if you could ensure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly named.

Every child needs to have a PE kit in school and it is important that every child has a water bottle with them each day.

There will be other letters coming out shortly with details of the trips and activities that are planned for each year group, to help you plan ahead and budget for the up-coming costs. We will also have all the dates you need of the Curriculum Evenings and parents consultations.

The start of a new school year brings lots of new opportunities, and I was sharing with the children at the P3-7 assemblies some of our priorities over the coming session. The Assembly Powerpoint will be put up onto the school web site, so please do have a look. We will be asking for lots of parental input on the different priorities, so you will hear much more about them over the course of the session. I also took the opportunity to re-visit some of our Growth Mindset ‘key messages’ about the importance of being willing to take on new challenges in learning and the importance of mistakes in moving forward in learning.

As always in a big school, we have lots of staff news!

We welcome some new teachers; Miss McKenna, Mr Kynaston, Miss Parsons, Ms Pow and Ms Maltby.

 Miss Morrison and Miss Byrne both got married over the summer and are now known as Mrs Guyan and Mrs Campbell.

Callum Scott, whom a lot of you will know as the janitor at Deanbank, has moved up to Comiston Road to take Roberto’s job.

We are delighted that Mrs Moore, our Principal Teacher, has been appointed as our third Depute Head, with responsibility for First Level, P2, P3 and P4.

Best wishes

Susie Morgan