Building Resilience

Building Resilience – A whole school approach


Building Resilience is a programme delivered across the whole school through assemblies, class work and family work at home. It was created by our DHT Mrs Richmond, and piloted at South Morningside for two years before being rolled out to primary schools across the city.


  • Launch Assembly
    Each unit is introduced to pupils at a launch assembly.  A slide show presentation explores the three key learning messages and offers strategies and tips on ways the children can use the tool to expand their resilience toolkit.
  • Reflection Assembly
    The reflection assembly follows the launch assembly, usually a week later. The purpose of the reflective assembly is to encourage the children to reflect on the key messages introduced at the launch assembly. There is a reflective question matched to each key message. A story, poem or suitable learning activity is used to illustrate a key learning point. During the assembly, the children will be encouraged to make a personal action plan based on the reflection activities to support their development in this area.
  • Sharing Assembly
    The final of the trio of assemblies is the sharing assembly.

Parent & Carer Leaflet:

A parent and carer leaflet is sent home on the same day as the launch assembly to ensure key messages are shared both in school and at home. The leaflet provides parent and carers with an overview of the key messages from the launch assembly. Within the information, there is a Talk it Over section which provides a suggested topic for parents to share with their child. The leaflet also contains a Family Activity to allow learning to be shared and extended at home.

Class Work

Between the assemblies, individual and group work is carried on in class to support the learning of the Resilience targets.


Below you can find links to information about the approach as well as resources and further reading.



Building resilience posters