MADD – Music , Art, Dance and Drama Whole-School Focus

In October and November all of our classes, Nursery to P7, took extra time, over and above our normal Art provision, to focus on creative arts. We looked and learned about art created by others, and worked hard to come up with our own creation.

This all culminated in a fantasticly MADD day when we all shared our learning with each other.

Here is a taste of some of our work.








(P3c climb up one of  the ‘Cells of Life’ hills)

Joe, P3c:

Last week on Thursday the 29th October we went to Jupiter Artland. You can learn about 3D Art or sculptures and my favourite is the ‘Landscape with Rifle and Tree’. ‘The Weeping Girls’ were scary. Later P3C had lunchw and then went everywhere.

I thought ‘The Light Pours Out of Me’ was cool because there was lots of obsidian. Obsidian is a black rock from a game called Minecraft. ‘Love bomb’ had a crazy name.

'Cells of Life'


Matthew and Sean present their expirences at Jupiter Artland in a book (created on the iPad app ‘Book Creator’). (Movie has a sound track!)



Poems by P6

SUCK– a poem (John, Sam L)

Menacing, black hole

Sucking me and my mind in

Wondering what’s in the darkness…….

Gripped by fear and curiosity

Carefully I peer in…………

In the deep darkness – all I can see is…..


Jurney through Jupiter Artland – poem (Angus)

Swirling hills erupt from the ground

Covered in lush, green grass

Sparkling, deep blue water surrounds

the great emerald island.

On it, standing tall and proud,

A tree and a giant’s gun

Look between these great sculptures – 

And you will see

A web with a hole in the centre

Look through the mighty circle

And you will see a beautiful sight – 

Where will you go next?


The Light Pours Out of Me – a poem (Shay, Ryan D)

I see crystals reflecting kindness and joy

Of every little girl and every little boy

Diamond-like gems sparkling purple and white,

Glistening and glowing in the deep, dark night.

You are like the twinkling star that lights up the sky

Being reflected undergound

Magical – but shy.


When I look at the sky with my telescope

I think of your crystals, like stars,

Pouring out light and hope.




The P7s posted a blog-post about their visit to Jupiter Artland