Every year,  our P7 pupils take part in a 5 day/4 night residential camp at Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning, near Aviemore.

Lagganlia 30th October – 3rd November 2017

Parent meeting

We are really looking forward to going to Lagganlia!

We thought it might be helpful to have the clothing list in case anyone has mis-placed it, please see below. You can also find the power-point presentation which Mrs Morgan, DHT, shared with parents at the Lagganlia Information Evening, in case you would like more infomation.

A letter will be coming out next week with all the last minute information that you will need.



Mrs Morgan’s ‘Lagganlia’ power-point presentation at the information evening for parents:  lagganlia-presentation-to-parents

Further Information:


Photos from 2016 Lagganlia Trip – Magic!


Frequently asked questions

Are the children allowed to take a mobile?

No! We ask that the children do not bring any electronic devices, including mobile phones, to Lagganlia.

There is absolutely no mobile signal at Lagganlia, and so the children will be unable to use their mobile to phone or text while they are away.

The children will be very busy challenging themselves with a wide range of physical activities and will be having a great time getting to know their P7 year group better, so there is absolutely no need for them to have an electronic device with them, which can so easily get misplaced.

Your child can bring a camera with them if they wish, but they are completely responsible for looking after it, so I would suggest that they do not bring an expensive camera. The staff take lots and lots of photos and children sometimes bring a disposable camera with them.

What do the children do during the day?

The children are divided into Activity Groups (see next FAQ!) and will work with ‘their’ instructor from Lagganlia all week. There is not a set ‘package’ of activities at Lagganlia, but some of the activities the children might do include hill walking, gorge walking, mountain biking, archery, absailing, the tree climb, den building, a low ropes course, skiing and snowboarding. There are photographs of some of the different activities on the powerpoint.

How are the Activity Groups organised?

The Activity Groups will be organised to give children the chance to make new friends across the year group. I often tell the children

that if they are in an activity group with a close friend then I have made a mistake!

What do we do in the evenings?

The children finish with their instructors around 4.30pm and usually have a little bit of ‘free time’ before their evening meal.

After tea is finished there will be a programme of evening activities which the children will do in groups such as Nightlines, camp fires, night time orienteering, circus skills and Capoera.

After evening activities are finished we will have a drink and a piece of home baking and spend a few minutes reflecting on the day, before heading to bed.

The Evening Activity groups are based around the rooms children are sleeping in, so are a nice chance for the children to catch up with their friends after a day of activities with their instructor.

Where do the children sleep?

The children sleep in rooms with bunk beds, either in the main building or in other lodges. The rooms sleep 4 or 6 and there are two 8 bedded rooms in the main building and each room has a bathroom with a shower, hand basin and toilet.

The children will be asked to write several names of children they would like to share a room with and everyone will be with at least one person on their list.

How do you organise the medication?

If your child has prescribed medication, then you need to complete an extra form- an EE2b. You then need to bring the medication in its original packaging and the completed form into school and hand it over in person to Mrs Hughes.

The medication will be stored in a safe place at Lagganlia and will be given to your child at the appropriate time every day. After your child has had their medication they and the adult who has given it to them will sign the form.

If you have any questions about medication at Lagganlia, then please phone the school office on 447 5446 and ask to speak to Mrs Hughes.

What do I have to do next?

An EE2 form will be sent to you shortly, which you should complete and return to school.

A kit list and a letter detailing more precise arrangements will be posted on the website shortly.

If you have a Lagganlia-related question that hasnt been answered here, please post it in the comment section below and we will endeavour to answer this ASAP.

Health and Wellbeing


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