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The SMPS Reading Challenge – Launched 20.9.19 – More information here.

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The Great Fire of London

Dates and reminders:

  • Tuesday 10th December (morning) – Boroughmuir High School drama performance. Leaving Comiston Road by public transport soon after arrival at school and returning by lunchtime. All three classes need at least 2 parent helpers each – please let the class teachers know if you are free that morning (we’re sorry but younger siblings can’t come with us).
  • Friday 13th December (morning) – P3B’s Christmas Jumper Assembly – P3B’s parents/carers are welcome to come to the hall at Comiston Road after the bell at 8.40am for an 8.50am start
  • Monday 16th December (afternoon) – P3 Christmas Party – Children can bring in party clothes to change into (please make sure all items are named).
  • Tuesday 17th December (morning) – Whole School Christmas Assembly – Each class will need one or two parents to help them walk down to Morningside Parish Church and back up again.

The big excitement of last week was our trip to the Lyceum to see An Edinburgh Christmas Carol. P3 watched the Muppet film version in advance and have written reviews of the show, as well as making banners for the hall on the theme. Ask your child what they thought of it – what rating would they give it, who was their favourite character, in what ways was it similar or different to other versions they have seen/heard.

In our topic on the Emergency Services, the children are finding out about the Great Fire of London. We have been looking at the timeline of how the fire progressed and why it was that it spread so easily. Ask your child if they can tell you where and how it started.

If you are doing any maths work at home, it would be helpful to focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the relationship between multiplication and division (eg if 5 x 6 = 30, then 30 ÷ 5 = 6). Games like Hit the Button and Mental Maths Train can help with quick recall. If you are looking for more of a challenge, Number Fact Families helps to link multiplication and division but works beyond just the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. If your child is finding division tricky, this tablet-friendly game might help.

In Literacy, all the P3 classes have been working on up-levelling sentences recently, using adjectives, connectives, verbs and adverbs. We start with a “boring” sentence, like “The cat sat on the mat.” and add various types of words to it to make it more interesting/descriptive – eg “The fluffy, ginger cat sat sleeping lazily on the old, moth-eaten mat until he was woken suddenly by a loud noise.” As promised to P3A, here are links to an online version of this process about the beach and space (they can take a while to load).

We have been practising the tricky words and learning the spelling associated with some of the adjectives and adverbs we have been learning. Group spelling will start after the Christmas break.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 2.12.19 blog

P3’s Division Revision

Dates and reminders (quite full in the run-up to Christmas!):

  • Tuesday 10th December (morning) – Boroughmuir High School drama performance. Leaving Comiston Road by public transport soon after arrival at school and returning by lunchtime. All three classes need at least 2 parent helpers each – please let the class teachers know if you are free that morning (we’re sorry but younger siblings can’t come with us).
  • Friday 13th December (morning) – P3B’s Christmas Jumper Assembly – P3B’s parents/carers are welcome to come to the hall at Comiston Road after the bell at 8.40am for an 8.50am start
  • Monday 16th December (afternoon) – P3 Christmas Party – Children can bring in party clothes to change into (please make sure all items are named).
  • Tuesday 17th December (morning) – Whole School Christmas Assembly – Each class will need one or two parents to help them walk down to Morningside Parish Church and back up again.

Thank you to all the parents/carers (including aunties, uncles, grannies, grandpas etc) who came along last Friday for our Read, Write Count launch. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us and that it has given you some ideas and confidence to use the fantastic books and resources at home with your child.

This week, building on their work on multiplication, P3 have started learning about division. In P1 and P2, this was known as “grouping and sharing” and we are still using these practical strategies to illustrate/work out division. In grouping, a collection of objects is divided into equal groups containing a given number and then the number of groups is counted (eg 15 divided into groups of 3 results in 5 groups – 15 ÷ 3 = 5). In sharing, a collection of objects is shared between a given number of groups and then the number of objects in each group is counted (eg 16 divided between 2 groups results in groups of 8 – 16 ÷ 2 = 8). Check out this YouTube video for an illustration (but ignore the remainders – we’re not quite there yet!). The main development from P2 is that we are starting to talk about the process as division and to use the divide symbol in written sums. There are games on Top Marks and Snappy Maths to practise these skills. Both games work on desktop/laptop computers rather than tablets.

This Monday was our last NYCOS lesson. As you will know, especially if you were able to come along to the showcase event, P3 have learned a huge amount during their sessions and had a lot of fun along the way. The NYCOS sessions are not guaranteed every year – they depend on funding being available. We will be passing on our feedback to Heather, our NYCOS teacher, and it can be shared to show how valued the sessions are in schools. If you have any comments to make about your child’s experience that you would like us to pass along, please email them to: admin@southmorningside.edin.sch.uk.

Finally, many of our P3 parents are super organised and great at telling us if plans change and someone other than the usual person is coming to pick up their child. This was essential in the first couple of years in school, when the children were less able to communicate/remember these things themselves. Now that they are a wee bit more mature, you only need to let us know about who is collecting your child if there is a last-minute change that your child doesn’t know about themselves (i.e. if you feel that your child won’t be expecting that person). If you are confident that your child knows and recognises the person and is aware that the individual is meant to be collecting them that day, there is no need to let us know about it.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 25.11.19 blog

P3 Learn Enthusiastically

Dates and Reminders:

  • Please return all House T-shirts to school so that they can be used for PE.
  • Friday 22nd November (morning) – Don’t forget this Friday’s Read, Write, Count launch – 11am start in the gym hall at Comison Road.
  • Tuesday 10th December (morning) – The P3 classes have been invited to Boroughmuir High School to watch a specially-written drama performance from some of the  classes there. We will be leaving Comiston Road at 10am by public transport and returning by lunchtime. All three classes will need at least 2 parent helpers each – please let the class teachers know if you are free that morning (we’re sorry but younger siblings could not come with us).
  • Friday 13th December (morning) – P3B’s Christmas Jumper Assembly – P3B’s parents/carers are welcome to come to the hall at Comiston Road after the bell at 8.40am for an 8.50am start.

We are continuing our work on multiplication, practising the two and ten times tables and learning the five times table. At home, you could practise saying the tables and getting your child to answer quick-fire multiplication sums from them. These songs/videos are a fun way to learn them: two, five, ten. There are also some tablet-friendly online games for reinforcement here and here.

In Literacy, all of the classes have learned about nouns, verbs and adjectives and now we are adding adverbs to that list. Adverbs “qualify” a verb – that is, they describe, or how, when, where, why and to what extent a verb is performed. In reports about the English National Curriculum, you may have heard of fronted adverbials – this just means starting a sentence with an adverb, eg “Quickly, he ran to the door.” Here is a song that helps explain adverbs.

Now that we have left Treasure Island and Robert Louis Stevenson, our next topic is the Emergency Services. We will be learning about the work of the Fire, Police and Ambulance services, as well as others such as the RNLI and Mountain Rescue. There will be a little bit of history with the stories of Grace Darling and the Great Fire of London as well as visits from the police, ambulance, RNLI and mountain rescue (their important work permitting), and a visit to the fire station. 

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 18.11.19 blog

Goodbye to Treasure Island

This is our last week of our Robert Louis Stevenson and Treasure Island topic. We will be marking the end with a Pirate Party on Tuesday and the chance to compare the story of Treasure Island with a couple of film versions – Muppet Treasure Island and Treasure Planet (both U certificates). We will think and talk about similarities and differences between the original and the retellings. Our next topic is on The Emergency Services, with learning mainly in the areas of Health and Wellbeing and Social Studies.

In literacy, P3A is continuing to learn about how and when we use a and an. Last week, we looked at how we change a to an when using a noun that starts with a vowel (eg an owl). This week, we will look at how we use a/an when there is an adjective between a/an and the noun (eg a wise owl, an excellent film) – noticing that it is the word that immediately follows a/an that decided which is used, rather than just the noun.

In maths, we are introducing multiplication. The children will already have carried out multiplication calculations while working with equal groups and arrays in P2 – and when we were counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s earlier in P3 – but we are now using the multiplication symbol and learning times tables. This week, it is the 2 and the 10 times tables, next week it will be the 5 times table. If your child is not confident in giving answers to calculations within these times table, this is something you could practise with them at home. Here is a tablet-friendly game for reinforcement – it covers all of the tables so there should hopefully be enough challenge for most children.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 11.11.19 blog

Super Symmetry in P3

Events coming up in P3:

  • Monday 11th November – NYCOS Parent Showcase – Come to the main hall at Comiston Road for a 9.45am start. ** Because P3B’s NYCOS lesson will be moved to 9am, there will be no reading in P3B first thing on Monday morning – their parent helpers are excused.**
  • Tuesday 12th November – P3 Pirate Party (see separate ParentMail and below).

We are looking forward to rounding off our Robert Louis Stevenson and Treasure Island topic with a Pirate Party next week. We will have pirate stories, games and activities and children can bring pirate accessories/clothes to change into for the afternoon.

In Maths, we are focusing on symmetry. We will be looking for lines of symmetry in shapes, objects and patterns as well as completing “half shapes” to make them a full symmetrical shape. There are two tablet-friendly online games you can use to practise at home – one on sorting shapes and one on matching them.

Our One Planet groups re-started this week – first time for the P3s. All of the children in P3 to P7 were given the chance to express a preference for which activities they would like to take part in and have been assigned to a cross-stage group. We have groups doing yoga, dance, animation, outdoor games, learning about space, making books and many more. The current One Planet groups will meet every second week until Christmas and then the children will move on to another after the Winter Break.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 4.11.19 blog


Happy Sukkot from P3

Firstly, a couple of reminders:

  • Please make sure your child brings a coat to school now that it is so chilly. As the weather gets colder, please have hats, scarves and gloves at the ready.
  • If you have not already sent in your child’s PE kit (T-shirt, shorts/skort, gym shoes – all named), please do so ASAP.
  • P3C Class Assembly – Friday 1st November at 8.50am – see below for details.*
  • NYCOS open session – Monday 11th November at 9.45am in the main hall at Comiston Road (limit of 2 adults per child).

We hope everyone enjoyed their October break. Last week’s Harvest Assembly at Greenbank Church and our visit to Alison Cunningham’s grave were a thoughtful start to the second half of the Autumn term. We wondered what Alison Cunningham, Robert Louis Stevenson’s nurse/nanny would have thought if she had known that, more than 100 years after her death, children would still know about her and visit her grave.

Another grave at Morningside Cemetery led to some online research in P3A and a surprise for Mrs Closs, who thought there must be a memorial to a horse in there. It turns out that the headstone belongs to a (human) sergeant from what was a regiment called Lord Strathcona’s Horse, a mounted Canadian regiment. This was definitely a reminder on the importance of checking facts – and that it’s ok to make mistakes – as long as you admit them and learn from them ;-).

We are coming to the end of our topic on RLS and have been looking at the celebration of Harvest in different religions. *P3C will be hosting this week’s assembly on the Jewish festival of Sukkot. P3C parents/carers are welcome to join us for the 8.50am assembly in the main hall at Comiston Road.

You will notice that there is some written maths work on fact families in our home learning this week. Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at different strategies for adding and subtraction, working to remember addition/subtraction fact within 10 as quickly as possible and to notice the relationship between addition and subtraction. In class this week, we will be checking to see how well the children are able to apply the maths they have learned in P3 so far in different contexts.

Now that the Literacy Rich Edinburgh scheme has finished, we will be starting Spelling groups once our Block of NYCOS lessons have finished. We will also be covering grammar and other language skills.

Child friendly plan 28.10.19 blog

Take It Away, P3!

Before outlining this week’s work in P3, we have some requests and reminders to pass on:

  • All three P3 classes are planning to visit Morningside Cemetery on the morning of Thursday 24th October. Since there will be no reading that week (it’s such a short week!), we will leave straight after registration and will be back by break. P3A has helpers already but P3B and C need two parents each to help walk them to the Cemetery and back. Please let Miss Beattie and Mrs Clark know if you can help.
  • P3B is in need of tissues for the classroom. If any P3B families can spare a box, please send them in to class.
  • Some children seem to be running low on glue sticks, rubbers and writing pencils. Please check with your child whether they need topped up for after the October break.
  • As Friday is the last day before the October break, we will be taking in reading bags and sending home gym kits for a wash. Please don’t forget to return PE kits on the first day back (Wednesday 23rd October)

This week, in Literacy, we will be using adjectives (describing words) to describe characters and places. We will also be writing acrostic poems about Harvest and learning a bit about why Harvest is celebrated.

In Numeracy, we will be working on subtraction strategies before and after the October break. We will use the same split and jump strategies that we used for addition and apply them to take away sums. The split strategy involves splitting numbers into tens and ones before tackling the sum – eg 46 – 14 becomes 40 – 10 and 6 – 4 so the answer is 32. It can be written down like this: Split Subt

The jump strategy involves jumping back, first in tens and then in ones, to find the answer. Using the jump strategy, the same sum (46 – 14) would look like this:Jump subt

The other thing we will be practising is missing number subtraction sums. Here is a quick-fire, tablet-friendly game you can play at home for that.

We will be using what we have learned while reading Treasure Island to plan and make out own treasure map. Working in cooperative groups, we will plan what kind of places we want to have on the map. Then, we will have a blank square of the map that we can transform into a location.

Here is this week’s child-friendly weekly plan:Child friendly plan 7.10.19 blog

P3 Find a Way

It seems to have suddenly got a bit darker and colder this week – Autumn is definitely on the way. Please make sure that your child comes to school each day with some kind of outer layer, just in case.

We will be doing some revision in Literacy this week. We have done our end-of-block check up and you will receive feedback on this at Parent Consultations. Before the October holiday, you will also receive a note of any areas that your child found tricky. It would be really helpful if you could practise anything highlighted on there with your child. The tricky words for Block 8 are: enough, almost, mountain, family, question, area, piece, complete, knew, cold, toldhearddoor, duringstudy, hour, happen & whole.

In maths, we are continuing with our map theme this week, working out how our position would change if we performed 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 turns, clockwise or anticlockwise. We will also be be looking at giving and following directions using forwards, left and right. If you would like to do any maths at home, please continue to develop confidence and speed with number bonds and fact families.

Thank you to everyone who has done any work on our Resilience topic of “The River of Life”. We will be talking about this in class this week, and looking at some of the lovely illustrations that children have brought in.

Wear Red Day, 4th October 2019 – This Friday, you are invited to wear red to show your support for anti-racism. You can wear a red top or trousers, shoes, scarf etc. Any items of clothing that are not red should stick to school uniform. We are not asking for donations for this, it is simply to raise awareness.

We have a few “housekeeping” messages/reminders/pleas this week:

  • Reading Bags – All classes are still having issues with children coming to school without reading bags, homework diaries and/or reading books. The MUST come to school every day for our reading programme to run smoothly.
  • Library – The library is not yet fully operational as the rota for parent helpers isn’t filled. This means that your child may not come home with a book on the expected day. Mrs Henderson, the PSA who organises the library, is doing her best to find us opportunities to nip in and borrow books when there is someone available. If you have any free time to help out, please call the office to let Mrs Henderson know.
  • Water Bottles – Please could everyone bring in a filled water bottle every morning – drinking water is only available in a jug in classrooms. If and when you are looking to replace any water bottles, the more leak-proof the better – anything that needs its top taken off to be drunk out of is liable to cause a spill.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 30.9.19 blog

P3 Get Into Position

Reading is properly underway now and it has been great to have parent helpers in to assist with this. Please, please, please could everyone make sure that their child comes in to school every day with their reading bag, homework diary and reading book. The reading book is particularly important. Without it, your child might not be able to complete reading activities and we won’t have full sets of books to pass on to the next group/class.

This is the last week of Literacy Block 8. We will be learning about how to add -ed to the ends of verbs that end in -y, by dropping the -y and adding -ied (eg ‘hurry’ becomes ‘hurried’). The tricky words learned so far are: enough, almost, mountain, family, question, area, piece, complete, knew, cold, toldhearddoor, during & study. This week’s new tricky words are: hour, happen & whole. Over the end of this week and the start of next, we will be doing the end-of-block check-up. Any practice of reading/writing tricky words would be helpful.

In maths, we have been learning about how coordinates work: using given coordinates to place something on a map and giving coordinates of an existing landmark. There is a game for this you can try (not tablet-friendly) – go to either “Find the Co-ordinate” or “Treasure Hunt”, A to G & 1 to 8 grids for both. If you would like to do any maths work at home, please continue to develop confidence and speed in addition with number bonds and fact families.

Don’t forget that Parent Consultations are next week – Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd October from 4-7pm. The P3 teachers will be in the main hall. Our classrooms are being used by the Deanbank staff for their parent consultations, so will not be accessible on these evenings. If you cannot make it to your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 23.9.19 blog

P3 Describe It All

This week sees the start of group reading in Primary 3. Many thanks to the kind parents/carers in each class who have organised rotas for us and to those who have volunteered to come in and help us with reading. Inside your child’s reading bag will be their reading book and homework diary. In the homework diary is a wee slip at the very front that explains the P3 home learning and, at the back, the Blooms Superheroes reading questions/suggestions to help you if you want to extend your child’s reading at home (remember, these can be used with any book – not just the school ones). In addition, there will be a sheet showing the letter and number formations, as promised at the curriculum evening, back-to-back with a list of all the tricky words from Blocks 1-8 of the Literacy scheme. Unfortunately, the photocopier is acting up a bit and one column of the words haven’t come out very well so here it is online, in case you want to print your own copy.

Block 1 – 8 Tricky Words single sheet


In literacy, we are in the penultimate week of Block 8 – the final block of the Literacy Rich Edinburgh scheme. We are adding -ed to verbs where the final sound sounds like “t” (eg as in “worked”, “washed”, laughed” and “dropped”). The new tricky words this week are: door, during & study.

We have been learning about adjective, both in Literacy and in our extended writing. If you want a little trip back in time, there’s a song about adjectives here. An equally catchy, but slightly more up-to-date, song about adjectives can be found here.

In maths, we are revising addition strategies, looking at quick recall of number bonds within 10 and 20 and, for bigger numbers, using split and jump strategies (click on the links for explanations of both). For some practice of speedy sums, try this game at home (click on “Number Bonds” and find the level that suits you best).

In our Robert Louis Stevenson topic, we will be using what we have learned about Treasure Island to plan our own giant treasure map. Soon, we will be learning about map grid references in maths and each cooperative group is going to plan and make their own square for our map.

Christmas has come early to SMPS as each child will designing their own Christmas/Winter card this week. These will be made into sample cards and will come home closer to the actual date so that you can order cards, mugs or coasters with your child’s design.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 17.9.19 blog

P3 in Action

In Literacy this week, the pattern we are learning is adding -ed to verbs where the -ed sound like “d” (eg filled, waved, signed). Our new tricky words this week are: cold, told and heard. We will also be identifying verbs as action words within sentences. Click here for a song to help with this.

We will be continuing to look at place value in maths, using it to order numbers and to help us with mental arithmetic strategies. If you are practising mental arithmetic at home this week, you could try counting on in tens off-decade to add larger numbers mentally (off-decade just means that your starting number does not end with a zero). For example, 23 + 40 can be performed by counting on in 10s four times from 23 – eg starting at 23 count on to 33, 43, 53, 63 (so 23 + 40 = 63). It helps to establish how many tens are in the number you are adding (eg in 40 there are four tens) and then putting up that many fingers to keep track of the counting. We speak about putting the starting number (in this case, 23) “in your head” and patting the head when you say that number so that it isn’t counted as one of the “tens”.

We are having fun in our NYCOS sessions, keeping the beat, identifying the rhythm in rhymes and songs, and starting to learn about pitch through sol-fa note names and actions. We are hoping to have an open session on our last day of NYCOS so that parents/carers can come and see what we have been learning. This is likely to be the morning of Monday 11th November. We would plan to start at about 9.45am so that those with children at Deanbank can join us after drop-off there.

Don’t forget that next Monday is a holiday, so we will be back at school on Tuesday 17th September. This will also be our first day of group reading in P3, so look out for reading bags, books and homework diaries. All three classes now have reading rotas up and running for parents/carers to sign up to come in and help – thank you very much to the parents who set these up and to everyone who has volunteered, We’re really looking forward to seeing you in class.

Finally, a wee reminder that toys, collectable cards, jewellery etc are not allowed in class and can be easily lost, causing upset. Anything that is brought in for Breakfast Club/After School Care Club should stay in your child’s bag during class time. Many thanks for your support with this.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 9.9.19 blog

RLS Revealed

We opened the case this Monday and discovered that it belonged to . . . Robert Louis Stevenson! So this week, we are talking about what we already know about him, and his books and poems, and thinking about what else we would like to find out. We will be reading Treasure Island (an abridged, age-appropriate version) over the next few weeks.

In Literacy, we are learning about adding -ed to the end of verbs where the -ed sound says “ed” (as in “clouded” and “started). We have double tricky words this week, as we are skipping a week of -ing endings as it repeats what we learned last week. The words to practise reading and writing are: family, question, area, complete, knew, piece.

We are also learning about nouns (naming words) – how to identify them and use them in sentences. Here’s a wee song to help the children to remember.

In Big Writing, we will be using WOW words (in this case, adjectives) to describe a friend. We will also be trying to remember our “Huffties” (things that we “have to” use in all of our extended writing). These are: starting a sentence with a capital letter; using finger spaces between words; ending a sentence with a full stop; trying to spell commonly-used words correctly; reading back over our writing to check for mistakes.

This week’s maths is all about place value – hundreds, tens and ones. Ones can also be referred to as “units”, but we say ones as this is how they are known in SEAL (which was used in P1 and P2) and it makes more sense alongside “hundreds” and “tens”. For links to activities for practising place value, please click here and scroll down to “Place Value”. We will also be practising putting numbers greater than 100 into order. Many of the children are uncertain of how to write numbers over 100 and this is something else you could practise at home.

Don’t forget the Curriculum Evening this Thursday, from 7pm-8.30pm. The P3 teachers will be in Room 4 (next to the main hall) to tell you about what’s new with the move from Deanbank to Comiston Road. We will deliver the same information in three slots, 7pm, 7.30pm and 8pm, so that anyone with older children can visit other talks/demonstrations.

Many thanks to the parents from P3B and P3C who have come forward to volunteer to set up a Sign-Up Genius schedule for parent helpers for reading. P3A is still in need of someone to do this – please speak to Mrs Closs if you can help.

Finally, P3B and P3C are in need of tissues. If you can spare a box, any supplies would be gratefully received.

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 2.9.19 blog 1

Lost and Found

We have a very busy week coming up in P3. Monday morning started with an assembly with the NSPCC as part of their “Speak Out, Stay Safe” program and continued with class sessions with the NYCOS teacher. NYCOS stands for the National Youth Choir of Scotland. We are lucky enough to have 10 weekly sessions from NYCOS in P3 at South Morningside. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn about beat, rhythm, pitch and the early stages of reading music, presented in a fun, game-based style.

In maths, we will continue to revise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and will do some work on counting in 3s and 4s. If you want to do some practice at home, click here to find our home learning links and look for “Counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s”, where you will find a couple of online activities. You can also practise by counting out loud or by counting objects in groups of these numbers.

This week, we start Block 8 of the Literacy scheme that your children covered in Primary 1 and 2. It continues the work started in Block 7 on adding suffixes to root words (a root word is one from which other words “grow” – eg the root word “talk” can become “talking” or “talked”). The focus this week is on dropping ‘e’ before adding -ing (eg “take” becomes “taking”). The new common “tricky” words to practise reading and writing this week are : enough, almost and mountain.

We start a new topic this week, following the discovery of a mysterious leather case labelled with the initials R.L.S. We are going to try to find out who it belongs to, starting with making some lost and found posters. Watch this space!

There are still several children who have not brought in their PE kits. Please could you make sure your child has shorts, t-shirt and gym shoes for PE. If you have any difficulties sourcing these, please see your child’s teacher. 

Here is this week’s child-friendly plan:Child friendly plan 26.8.19 blog 1

Welcome to P3 2019-20

Welcome to P3 and to our weekly updates page. This may move, once the website has been updated to accommodate the change of year groups, but an email will come to you weekly with a link to take you to wherever the update is.

Everyone is starting to settle in to the “big school” and getting to know the new routines. We are doing lots of getting-to-know-you activities and having a wee introduction to language and maths before the main P3 programs start. One of the big excitements of P3 is having specialist teachers for some subjects! P3A will be having PE on Wednesdays and P3B & C will have PE on Thursdays. It is helpful if children come to school on those days dressed in clothes that they can easily change themselves.

There will be no class reading or homework of any kind until after the September holiday. We would love to have some parent volunteers to help us with the reading once we start. What would be ideal is if one parent from each class could come forward to coordinate a volunteer rota through Sign-Up Genius (the teachers can’t use sites like this because of GDPR regulations but parents can use it amongst themselves and share the link with the teacher). Please see your child’s teacher ASAP if you can help with this.

There are some things we would really appreciate your support with in terms of what the children bring to school:

  • A gym bag (with shorts/skort, t-shirt and gym shoes, all named) should already be in school – if not, please send them in ASAP. We will send these home at the end of each term for a wash.
  • One pencil case (not too huge, please, as they need to fit in a basket on the desks) containing writing pencils, coloured pencils, sharpener, rubber (felt pens are optional). These should stay in class.
  • A decent-sized water bottle (between 0.6l and 0.75l and leak/spill-proof is good), which should be brought in already full of water every day.
  • A waterproof that can live in their school bag just in case – if it is very wet, the children will stay in, but if the rain is light it’s good to get outside (but not to get wet!).
  • All clothes (and any other items) should have up-to-date name labels – we love recycling but please make sure that the name in the clothes is that of the child it currently belongs to so that any lost items can be returned. To misquote Beyonce, “If you like it then you need to put a name on it” ;-).

Finally, here is this week’s child-friendly plan: Child friendly plan 19.8.19 blog