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Mental maths activity: CONTINUE to work on converting measurements to different units i.e. 37 cm to metres; 400 grams to kilograms or 240 ml to litres.



Mental maths activity: work on converting measurements to different units i.e. 37 cm to metres; 400 grams to kilograms or 240 ml to litres.


Current homework tasks for Primary 7.

  • WW2 themed tasks have been issued. Please check sheet for details and important dates (copy attached below).
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages maths task issued. Return date dependent on class.
  • Reading – all children should be continuing to read for pleasure at least 3 x 20 min slots per week. Be ready to discuss what you have been reading next week on World Book Day. Bring a book you love to share with the class on this day.
  • Mental maths activity – work practically with MEASURE at home. Be involved in tasks around the house which involve measuring length, mass or capacity.

WW2 homework 2019



Current homework tasks for Primary 7.

-Update First Minister’s reading challenge logs to share in class after the February holiday. We are looking forward to hearing about the books you have been reading.

-Mental Maths – Practise converting fractions to decimals to percentages and back again (e.g. 50% = 0.5 = one half). Work out a fraction or percentage of a quantity (e.g. 25% of 40 = 10). Create equivalent fractions and simplify fractions (e.g. four fifths = eight tenths)

– Resilience goal setting homework due this FRIDAY.

-If you have time, have a go at making our WW2 carrot scones with mock cream recipe at home (link below)! Practise your weighing and measuring skills, as well as reading comprehension to follow the recipe accurately.

Carrot scones and mock cream



Happy New Year! Here is a round up of the ongoing tasks for P7 at the moment.

Finally, here is our child friendly plan for this week.

child friendly 14.01.18 p7



Homework – Please remember both MATHS and RESEARCH homework are now overdue. If you have not handed them in, please return them to class ASAP. Keep practising the song and working on your table decoration for the ceilidh which is next week. In mental maths – practise counting on as a method of subtraction. For example, if the calculation was 425-321…. start on 321. How many do you add on to get to 330? Then 400? Then 425. Think of subtraction as finding the difference.



Homework – remember to keep working on the 5 Winter Homework Challenges issued two weeks ago. In mental maths, practice PARTITIONING to add. (For example, when adding 345+237, think of it as : 300 + 200 + 40 + 30 + 5 + 7).

This week in P7…

P7 Plan 3rd




Our 5 week winter challenge homework goes live this week! Paper copies will be issued but here is a back up copy.

P7 Winter Homework 2018

Mental maths – revise different methods of multiplication which we have been learning in CLIC (coin multiplication, smile multiplication, grid multiplication). Remember to keep practising your tables facts too (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/supermovers/42612499).




  • Remember RESILIENCE homework issued two weeks ago is now due.
  • Continue to read for pleasure (min 3 x 20 minute sessions per week at home)
  • Mental agility
    • – converting improper fractions to mixed numbers (e.g. 5 halves is the same as 2 1/2.
    • Division with tables facts (e.g. 63 divided by 9 is? 48 divided by 8 is?)

12/11/18 This week’s plan



Important dates for your diary…

12/10/18 Harvest Assembly 9.30am Greenbank Church

15/10/18-23/10/18 (incl) October Break

29/10/18-2/11/18 Lagganlia

09/11/18 P7 to visit Morningside Cemetery War Graves

10/11/18 (NB Saturday optional) Festival of Peace Morningside Parish Church 2:00pm

12/11/18 P6 + P7 Internet Safety Parent Information Evening 7:00pm-8:00pm

16/11/18 P7B Class Assembly (time tbc) + P7 Lagganlia Parent Sharing Event (time tbc)


Primary 7 Homework Week Beginning 8th October 2018

  1. Please complete the Lagganlia challenges to prepare yourself for our camp week. Return the completed form by FRIDAY 26th OCTOBER.
  2. Mental Maths – Practise counting forward and backward in 10s and tenths (e.g. 450, 460, 470 –  0.6, 0.5, 0.4 – 8/10, 9/10, 1 ).
  3. Reading – The first week back after the holidays we will have some discussions in class about books we have been reading recently. Be prepared for these discussions – think about the character / setting / themes of your book. Are you able to summarise the plot? Can you explain the key points of the book?

Many thanks,

The P7 team.

08.10.18  This week’s plan

Child Friendly 08.10.18

Coin Card Multiplication Explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0T9wgRyreU


21.09.18     Curriculum Evening Presentation

Welcome to Primary 7_curriculum evening


03.09.18  This week in P7…

P7 03.09.18

27/08/18 This week in P7

Plan 27.08.18