School Uniform dress code

We actively encourage the wearing of school uniform and are strongly supported by everyone connected with the school.
There are  different options for N/P1 , P2-6 and P7 pupils.

We have a Uniform Upcycle Boutique in Comiston Rd which is very well stocked with all uniform items in all sizes. Please come in to have a look before you buy new!

The boutique is housed in the SfL base in the school playground, please ask in the school office. Occasional ‘pop up boutiques’ happen at Deanbank too, but everyone is welcome to the permanent one year round.

The Boutique is maintained by staff and parents .

New school-badged items and House T-Shirts are available from:

Many general items can be purchased, of course, from the major department or chain stores. The P7 sweatshirts are designed by P6 pupils at the end of the school session to be produced for their P7 year. Details of the P7 sweatshirts will be circulated at the appropriate time to all relevant families.

For a detailed list of the SMPS school uniform code please click here (PDF file):


December 2017 -School Uniform Update

This year we are trialling wearing gym shoes/rubbers/trainers in class and it is very important that your child bring their PE footwear each day to school.   School shoes and or soft ankle boots can usually be worn for most activities around the school but all children may be asked to change in to PE footwear or kit at any time for a wide range of activities from dance practice to Drama or carpet time activities.

Following feedback from parents, we will amended the school website to give clearer guidance on the wearing of fleece jackets in class.  These jackets are lovely to wear as a coat in the Spring and early Autumn but are too warm to wear in the classrooms.  Please provide a sweatshirt or jumper and children can wear their fleeces for playtimes.

31.05.2017 -School Uniform Update

South Morningside Primary School
School Uniform orders for next session 2017-2018
Dear Parents/Carers,
The school has been working with the Parent Council to review our supplier of school uniform.
We intend to change from School Blazer Ltd to Super-Logo Ltd. This system is now up and running for you to use.
On the Super Logo website under the ‘shops’ tab you can see the revised approved uniform, link below:
Listening to parental feedback a cardigan and v necked sweatshirt have been added along with the expected PE kits from P1-P7.
With the new supplier all items come at a greatly reduced cost making the wearing of school uniform more accessible to all.
School Blazer have reduced their pricing of current stock. If you have, or intend to purchase additional items from School Blazer, as with any items at home, all are still perfectly wearable. Both versions of the school logo will be acceptable as we phase in our new look.
Please note the navy blue sweatshirt are for P7 children only. We ask that you do not purchase a navy sweatshirt for any pupil other than P7.
A full uniform code will follow before the end of term.
If you have any children starting P1 in August 2017 please can you hold off purchasing uniform for them until further information is given at your induction session in June.
Mr Urquhart
Head Teacher

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